Apple Hits Taiwan

I took a risk by coming here.IMG_0865

I can only say three things in Chinese: Hello, thank you and help! I’m hoping to expand that last phrase to “help, I’m a tourist and I don’t know what’s going on. Where can I buy dumplings, please?”

It’s going on a 16 hour day. Despite the jet lag and the mosquito bites (one of which is on my eyelid) the only thing I’m itching for is another chance to practice some travel journalism. Here’s a quick rundown of today’s adventure:

Coffee. Shove everything back into the magical green backpack. Check out of hostel. Grab a cab to Taipei 101. Get tangled in lapel mic and earbud wires. Fumble with the cheap tripod I broke somewhere in the jungle. Sweat profusely. Complete interview number one. Gearing up for interview two when-

Oh, hello Apple PR person. Yes, I’m a freelance journalist/student. Sure, my rinky dink camera and I would love to join you in the press-only section. Say, do you have a spare press pass? You do! Marvelous.

Then I’m rushing past hundreds of people compacted behind a maze of rope. I feel a little guilty as I’m let through to the press section where expensive cameras are rolling. There’s a rumor going around our temporary community that the first person in line camped at Taipei 101 for 3 days.

As much as I want to keep writing, it’s midnight here and my stomach is growling. Time to pop out to one of the countless 7-Elevens.

Must resist urge  to edit…






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