Bikes and Baristas – See See Motor Coffee Co.

File_001 (2)
Customers Pablo and Christina get ready to ride.

Explore Reno’s up and coming coffee shop from the perspective of an X Games competitor, a barista and a seasoned biker. The shop combines motorcycle culture, local art and rock’n’roll. Tucked away next to bustling downtown, visitors from Portland, OR will recognize one of their own local hangouts.

File_005 (1)
Victor creating latte art.

People of Reno trickle in to sample coffee, breakfast sandwiches and browse See See‘s  selection of motorcycle gear. Helmets painted by local artists line the brick walls while the rich smell of espresso mingles with the sound of steaming milk.

“Every single helmet you see was done by a different local artist.”

Bike fashion, art helmets, custom bikes on display. Patches, stickers, mugs, books.. the list goes on.

Although one of See See’s baristas, Victor, doesn’t ride a motorcycle himself he speaks highly of bike culture and the type of people it attracts.

File_002 (2)

“The way like a motorcycle coffeeshop works is extra chill, like more chill people that are into just being outside, fixing things, hanging out, like drinking beer, and just talking. That’s just a cool vibe. I’m drawn to that side of it.”

File_000 (2)
See See is located at 131 Pine St, Reno, NV

Past three custom built motorcycles, X Games competitor Drake McElroy is leaning on a display case. Drake says he can’t remember learning how to ride a bike but was surrounded by them since he can remember. His philosophy: stay open minded. “Look as wide as you can and that helps the good come in, you know?”

File_008 (1)
In addition to See See’s, Drake McElroy works at Aces Tattoo.
File_001 (3)
“Objects in mirror will soon disappear”

Outside near a row of picnic tables, customer and seasoned rider Christine Zajkowski shares her thoughts over a cup of coffee. “It’s a sense of freedom. You’re not tied to any devices. So I’m not tied to a computer. I’m not sitting at a desk. I don’t have to think about anything except for being in the moment and that’s what it’s all about.”

File_001 (1)

“A dream bike? The one I’m on,” says Drake. “That’s always nice. Whatever’s putting the wind in your face and like taking you away from everything is the bike that’s f***ing sweet. Yeah, it’s part of ‘live now.’ Don’t worry about shit that happened or is going to happen. Right now is the important time, right? So the bike you’re on, that’s the good bike.”

File_003 (1)
Drake’s been injured more times than he can count but has never lost his passion for riding.

Although the idea of a motor coffee shop might sound complex, to Victor it’s pretty simple.

“Motorcycles and beer and coffee. That’s the key.”

File_000 (3)
Victor speaks highly of his manager’s attitude and the relaxed environment they’ve created. They believe in their product: Stumptown coffee.

For the Reynolds School of Journalism, I’m Dani DeRosa.


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