Bel Binds Books

Meet Bel. Bel binds books. Bel can teach you how to bind books.

I met Bel through Inge Bruggeman’s book arts class at UNR where she crafted a Poet’s Gallery of Art, a pop up book designed to help kids learn about famous works of art.


“I think that as the world becomes more digital people crave things that are handmade and that they can hold in their hands. I don’t think we’re ever not going to need that anymore.”


“I really prefer teaching. Getting into assembly line production mode is difficult for me.. It’s more exciting for me to prepare for a class.”


“The functional cursive is going away but now we’re having a renewed appreciation for beautiful cursive, beautiful writing..”


“I feel really hopeful. I think there’s always going to be a place for them (books) because humans are tactile people… At the end of the day I want to come into this room and make something that I can hold. I think that sort feeds you a lot more than just the endless (digital) images.”


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