The Future is Now


Observe: a masterfully rendered illustration of Google’s self driving car. The photograph behind the drawing depicts where one visually impaired student in particular might be parking in the not so very distant future.

All assets of the composition are original and demonstrate a couple key skills learned this semester such as visual hierarchy and tonal adjustment. The gradient tool was used to fade the photo, focussing the viewer’s attention on the Google car.

Everything was created in Illustrator because it can do most of what Photoshop can do with an emphasis on drawing rather than photo manipulation. For example, you can adjust hue, saturation and make clipping paths in both programs but with Illustrator you can create vector graphics. “What’s a vector?” you may ask. Take David’s J108 class to find out the official answer.

The Process Behind the Genius:

Step 1: Find an article that is newsworthy. I chose: Blind man sets out alone in Google’s driverless car.

Step 2: Summon the Muse (article on this later) and draw something inspired. Inspired!

Step 3: Go for a walk and take a photo of the “cool kid” parking area. If you’re unsure of where your local “cool kid” parking area is located, you’re definitely beyond anyone’s help (advice article to follow.) 

Step 4: Email that photo to yourself and drag it into Illustrator.

Step 5: Do the rest of the stuff mentioned above and turn in the project.

Step 6: Give a small, audible “hurray,” and/or pat yourself on the back before going to work. 

Hex Color Code:

White #fcfafa

Grey #999999

Taillight #e0a3a3

Blue bar #4ee6f6

Black camera thing 000000


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